SDJS-130 Studio SOD Create Mr. Tanaka, Who Has Been Working In The Personnel Department For 6 Months, Has A Charming Personality Like Ubu And The Number Of Experienced People Seems To Be Small, But She Is Actually A Former Popular Soap Lady Who Worked At A Sex Shop Because She Liked Naughty Things Too Much! ?? Apparently … I’ve Made An AV Appearance Because I’m Too Positive About Erotic Things!


SDJS-130 人事部勤務6ヶ月 ハケンの田中さん21歳は愛嬌のある性格がウブっぽくて経験人数も少なそうなのに、実はエッチなことが好きすぎて風俗店でも働いていた元人気ソープ嬢!?らしい…エロいこと
発売日 2021-11-11
収録時間 130 分
監督 西城アキラ
メーカー SODクリエイト
レーベル SOD女子社員
File size: 1.25 GB

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